Trilogy Claims Administrative Handbook

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We wrote the book on Claims Administration…literally!

The Most Comprehensive Claims Administration Guide Available Today.

Administering medical claims requires an enormous amount of information on medical, legislative, procedural and operational issues. Assembling and updating that information is a difficult and time consuming task. Trilogy Consulting Group, Inc. has done the work for you. The Trilogy Claims Administrative Handbook contains guidelines covering:
  • Claim Review, Adjudication and Investigative Procedures
  • Federal Legislative and ERISA Updates
  • Treatment and Diagnosis Specific Information
  • Claim Processing Procedures

The Trilogy Claims Administrative Handbook also includes administrative guidelines for Short Term Disability, Dental, Flexible Spending and Prescription Drug Card claims processing.

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The Trilogy Claims Administrative Handbook is published in Adobe Reader, i.e., PDF. The PDF version of the Handbook provides an interactive index, search capabilities and web site links. The 2,400 page Handbook can be downloaded immediately upon purchase. Included in the initial purchase are the next two quarterly updates. Updates are provided via e-mail download, and are published in January, April, July and October.


Example: Company XYZ purchases the handbook on August 1, 2019. Company XYZ will receive the Handbook version dated July 2019. Because the next two quarterly updates are included in the initial purchase, company XYZ will also automatically receive the October 2019 update and the January 2020 update via e-mail at no additional cost.


An annual update subscription is available to keep your organization current with constant changes affecting claims administration. If the annual update subscription is not purchased at the same time the Handbook is initially purchased, the subscriber is automatically sent an invoice with the option to order the annual subscription after the second of the two complimentary updates is sent.
For additional information about the Handbook and to view actual handbook topics, click on the following links: FAQ | Updated Topics | Handbook Demo | Table of Contents

The Handbook is a licensed product. To review the terms of the Trilogy license agreement, please click on the following link: License Agreement
Please contact Trilogy for more information and a list of Handbook user references.


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“The Trilogy Claims Administrative Handbook is the best resource for accurate, fair and cinsistent claim operating procedures. The Handbook is organized in a user friendly manner and is updated quarterly so that the information is always current. This Handbook is an absolute "must have" for administrators and carriers throughout the industry.”
Vice President of Claims Administration