About Us

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Trilogy would like to thank all of its clients and subscribers, many of which have been clients since the first day Trilogy was founded, for turning to us for claim administration information and support services.  Trilogy will continue providing valuable assistance to its clients regarding compliance in today’s constantly changing regulatory environment.  Contact us today regarding how we can assist your organization as we have so many clients for the past 25 years.

Providing Resources for Claim Audit, Excess Loss Audit and Self-Funded Plan Administration Since 1995. Put Trilogy’s Expertise and Experience to Work for Your Organization.

Who We Are

Trilogy is a focused practice specializing in claims administration consulting and auditing. Trilogy is the only claims auditing firm which publishes guidelines used by claim payers for the administration of medical, dental and short term disability claims – The Trilogy Claims Administrative Handbook. Trilogy clients can be assured that Trilogy’s expertise includes knowledge of current and constantly changing regulations affecting claims administration because WE WROTE THE BOOK ON CLAIMS PROCESSING!

Why We Are Different

Claims administration auditing and consulting IS Trilogy’s core business. Each Trilogy professional has no less than 25 years experience in claims administration operations and consulting. These professionals manage and staff our client’s claim administration audit projects.

Trilogy’s knowledge extends beyond just familiarity with regulations affecting claims administration. Due to our extensive experience as benefit professionals, each Trilogy consultant has an in-depth knowledge of the real operational issues affecting claims plans and their claim payers. Trilogy identifies opportunities for improvement which are timely and relevant to the environment in which claims claims are administered. Furthermore, Trilogy publishes The Trilogy Claims Administrative Handbook – a 2,400 page claims processing guideline resource which is updated on a quarterly basis. No other firm offering claim administration audit and consulting services also offers such a comprehensive publication.

Trilogy maintains a client retention rate exceeding 95% and multiple clients have retained the services of Trilogy for over 15 years. Trilogy works closely with its clients and their claim payers to improve the ongoing quality of claims administration through a process of retrospective review and evaluation. Annual claim administration audits performed by Trilogy include the evaluation of the claims payer in resolving ongoing issues including the monitoring and collection of overpaid claims. This type of audit methodology results in 100% of overpayments being returned to the client without the deduction of a “contingency” fee by the audit vendor.

Mission Statement

Trilogy Consulting Group’s mission is to promote the value of accurately adjudicated health care claims for its clients, the health plans administered by its clients and ultimately, the plan’s members. Trilogy will continuously strive to provide the best possible service to its clients and promote fair and accurate claim payment practices through performance of audits, publication of guidelines and completion of specialized consulting projects.