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Trilogy Excess Loss Audit Services

Trilogy provides excess loss audit services to nationally and internationally recognized reinsurers, carriers and managing general underwriters (MGU). Trilogy's excess loss audit expertise combined with proven audit methodologies result in maximum savings at the lowest possible cost.

Aggregate Excess Loss Claim Audits
Aggregate claim audits may be performed remotely or on-site at the claim administrator's office. Trilogy can customize an audit to best meet the needs and budget of the reinsurer, carrier or MGU. Aggregate claim audits performed by Trilogy include the following components:
  • Review of prooof of loss and all supporting documentation used to substantiate the request for reimbursement;
  • Verification of the aggregate request for reimbursement calculation;
  • Ensure all payments for which reimbursement is being requested are eligible under the terms of the excess loss policy;
  • Assessment the accuracy of reports used to substantiate the request for reimbursement; and
  • Verification of the accuracy of claims processing on claims included in the aggregate request for reimbursement.
Trilogy will provide the client with a concise report which details the audit findings. The audit report explains the differences between the amount of reimbursement requested on behalf of the group and the amount of reimbursement recommended by Trilogy.
Since 2003, Trilogy has saved its excess loss clients $4.2 million dollars representing 24% of the total amount of aggregate reimbursement requested.
Aggregate audits performed by Trilogy identify all issues affecting the aggregate reimbursement while retaining a positive relationship between the client, administrator and self-funded group.
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Specific Claim Audits
Specific claim audits do not need to be performed in an administrator’s office. Trilogy maintains a HIPAA secured site through which large amounts of claims data can be exchanged securely and easily. Specific claim audits performed by experienced Trilogy staff, in Trilogy’s offices, result in significant travel time and expense savings.

Specific claim audits performed by Trilogy focus on the following areas of review:
  • Eligibility,
  • Other insurance investigation,
  • Accident and third party liability,
  • Large case management,
  • PPO savings,
  • Duplicate payments,
  • Application of plan limitations and exclusions, and
  • Disclosure.
Reinsurers, carriers and MGUs may customize the methodology used by Trilogy to audit specific claims to maximize savings and minimize audit expenses
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MGU Claim Administration Operational Reviews
Trilogy specializes in the performance of MGU claim administration operational reviews. MGU reviews are performed on-site at the MGU office and include the following components:
  • Operational review including the completion of an extensive excess loss claims administration questionnaire, interviews with key personnel and review of the excess loss claims processing system capabilities;
  • Review of large dollar specific and aggregate claims focusing on reimbursements just below the MGU authority dollar limit;
  • Review of denied claims to determine if denials are appropriate and meet the carrier's denial criteria, and
  • Reiew of potential claim notifications which do or do not have a reserve.
Findings from the MGU review are detailed in a comprehensive report providing a comparison to industry best practices and an action plan for improved service to the carrier and the group.
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